Hello, my name's Daniel Doherty, and I make things on the internet.

I'm a product manager, data visualizer and generalist technologist based in Portland, Oregon.

Work and background.

Presently I'm the Product Manager for the Data Science and Analytics team at Opal, an enterprise marketing technology startup. In the past, I've worked as a senior producer at various digital agencies, including AKQA, Mekanism and Periscopic.

Before I started working, I studied visual journalism at the University of Montana, and information design and data visualization at MICA. I currently spend about 60% of my time writing code, and my primary competencies are in Python, SQL and Javascript (especially D3). I also use R, Excel, Tableau, Illustrator, Keynote, Superset, Airflow, various database systems, etc.

Recent work.

An Ocean of Noise, my graduate thesis project, explores streaming music data from Spotify Charts. Shortlisted for a 2017 Kantar Information Is Beautiful Award, but didn't win. So it goes!

Fifty Thirty Twenty, an exploration of income and financial stability in the US, in collaboration with designer, classmate and friend Amy Cesal, which actually won a 2017 Kantar Information Is Beautiful Award, which was great!

Want to get in touch?

Have a project you want to talk about? Hit me up! I'm always interested in working with new people.