Hello, I'm Daniel Doherty, and I make things on the internet.

Specifically, I'm a senior interactive producer and design technologist based in Portland, Oregon. I was recently a graduate student in the InViz program at MICA, studying interactive data visualization. You may be here because my thesis project was just shortlisted for a Kantar Information Is Beautiful Award—if so, welcome! In case you were wondering, I look more or less like this: Image of Daniel with French Bulldog

Work and background.

I'm presently a manager at Opal, where I work on a small portfolio of projects in customer experience, product and marketing. I've also worked at AKQA, Mekanism, Domani and Periscopic.

My day-to-day work is centered on the creation of software-driven tools and experiences, as a manager of people, teams and projects. I've been doing this for about eight years, so I'm reasonably good at it now. This is mostly what you'll see reflected on my linkedin.

I'm also a design technologist with a particular focus on data visualization and data storytelling. My academic background is in visual journalism and information design, and I've been building the full gamut of skills involved since I was an undergraduate. In terms of toolset, I'm mainly a sort of bash-it-out Pythonist for data gathering, cleaning and transformation, and an increasingly passable Javascript and D3 dev for interactions and presentation—see my github for details.

Recent work.

An Ocean of Noise, my graduate thesis project, explores streaming music data from Spotify Charts, and was recently shortlisted for a Kantar Information Is Beautiful Award!

Fifty Thirty Twenty, an exploration of income and financial stability in the US, in collaboration with designer, classmate and friend Amy Cesal, which was also shortlisted!

Want to get in touch?

Have a project you want to talk about? Hit me up! I'm always interested in working with new people.